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As most people know, I love anything related to ice cream, Froyo, Golden Spoon, you name it. It’s a guilty pleasure, a sick obsession, and what my sweet tooth craves. While in Panama I went crazy over lack of good frozen yogurt. My friend who was on The Wheelchair Foundation project with me had gone to go to Costa Rica a few months prior to our Panama adventure. There, she discovered Trits. She spoke highly of the ice cream concoction and was eager to again find the delicious treat in Panama. Fail. No such luck. When she heard I was going to Costa Rica she immediately told me to find Trits. And so i was on a mission…

I searched all over & asked people & many people had no idea what I was talking about. Even the word “helado” got confused looks and “que?”, “No comprendi.” I had almost given up. Then, my tour guide that took me to the hot springs, Marco, offered to take me into town during my free time and show me around. He is about my age and the funniest tour guide & most entertaining that I have ever had. Maybe it’s the Costa Rican culture, but he was so animated, intriguing, & was just alive & wanted everyone to have a good time. TO me surprise, he knew what Trits were and where to find them! Off to the local grocery store we went where I purchased chocolate covered coffee beans, coffee, & Trits!

My friend had described this treat as an ice cream sandwich; it waas far better & different. With its thin gramh cracker like crust and sweet vanilla ice cream, laced with some chocolate syrup, it was so satisfying. They are healthier  then the normal American ice cream sandwiches, covered with wheat & who knows what else. I’m sure Trits are a luxury item for Costa Ricans. As Marco said, they are expensive (maybe about $3) and its much easier to just make his own…of course making his own entails putting fruit juice in Popsicle things and freezing it. Haha.

I am sooooooo glad my friend recommended this treat to me. It is definitely worth trying & worth finding if you’re ever in Costa Rica!I’m going to attempt to make my own version when I’m back in the states….maybe for the holidays?

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  1. TOm Rotondi

    You can now get Trits in the USA…….. They have invaded New Jersey and soon all if the United States;)

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