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Take a Trip to Ireland

Ireland is a fabulous getaway for a relaxing trip amongst greenery, coastal views and land. The island has tremendous history, especially with its neighboring countries and the UK. Northern Ireland is still owned by the UK and is a trickier area to visit, as it has regulations. Southern Ireland is popular to explore the quaint and small coastal towns, see castles and explore a majority of the island. Before your trip to Ireland research the history to get a better understanding of the Country and the North and South.

Traveling Ireland can be done by a group tour or solo and renting a car on your own and crafting your own itinerary. It’s important to note, that in Ireland they do drive on the opposite side of the road and the steering wheel is also on the other side, making driving a bit more complex. I recommend research the areas you want to go to and understanding the road conditions. When driving off the main highways the roads can be very small, windy and not an easy drive! Especially down by the famous, Ring of Kerry, I recommend avoiding those roads and getting a private tour car to take you around instead. Having your own car is great to go on your own pace and make your own stops. However, a group tour can provide more history, take you to unknown places and help orient you to Ireland and all the sights as well. If you opt for a group tour, I recommend choosing a smaller bus tour, under 20 people and closer to 10 people if you can. Also understand where you maybe going on your Ireland trip and be sure to also see the non-tourist sights and checkout some of the beauty of the land and nature.

Flying into Ireland is easy if you land in Dublin. It’s a quick and cheap taxi ride into the city; maybe 30 minutes or 30-40 euro depending on where you are going. However, because Ireland is an island you may have weather interruptions with your flights if there is a storm. Of course, unlikely, however, when I flew in there were high winds that prevented us from landing. More rain and wind came within days which also affected our plans and itinerary. There is also a train and shuttle bus that operates throughout Ireland to help bring tourist back to Dublin and to the Dublin airport.

The weather can change in Ireland at any time and moment. It’s possible to have rain storms and then sunshine and rainbows or another random down pour with the sun. You just don’t know what the weather will be in Ireland, however, you can expect wet, damp air and rain. I was told it rains 365 days a year! Although, I did get lucky and have sunny days on way in and out of Dublin. Be sure to pack waterproof shoes or boots and jackets. Check the weather before your trip to Ireland and get a sense of the temperature before you go as well! In general, while traveling Ireland, you can expect cold and wet weather year round.

How long you need in Ireland is subjective to your travel needs and how much you want to do or see. It’s easy to spend two weeks or more on the island! However, if you wanted to go at a quick pace, you could also probably spend eight days roaming the country. Many of the towns are small and you don’t need more than a night or two at places. Ending your trip in the South at Killarney or Cork and staying there three days or more could be quite peaceful and allow for a day of rest and relaxation. There are also day trips you can do from these places to see additional sites. The Dingle Peninsula is popular and there are day tour buses that go out there. The roads to that area and cliffs are known to be dangerous and hard to drive.

When planning your trip to Ireland consider what you care to see and what tourist sites excite you! Also take some time to get off the tourist route and be in nature, see the coastal views and explore the pubs and small Irish towns. The country has a lot of high vibrational energy and vortexes. Just being there will change you energetically and hopefully you develop new appreciate for the greenery and land as well. The Irish people are very welcoming and kind as well! Being a tourist in Ireland should be no problem. I do recommend having an itinerary and schedule before you go and taking time to plan your days and stops. Ireland is not the kind of place to just wander or drive through aimlessly. You will want to invest time and energy into planning your Ireland trip and researching places to go and stay. If you have extra time, perhaps consider a stop in Scotland as well.