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The John Lennon Wall- PRAGUE

I dont think words can depict the amazing weekend I had in Prague. I landed on Thursday afternoon, went straight to my hotel, and then immediately walked in search of the John Lennon wall at about 5pm. After some navigating, I eventually found the wall right before sunset. It was epic. I had been blasting my Imagine cover songs and other John Lennon Tunes for the past day or so, and seeing the John Lennon wall just struck me. I think I stayed there an hour just taking photos and looking at it. It was breathtaking. Not just the wall, but the ideas behind the wall….The John Lennon wall came to be because people would play his sounds during the Soviet times illegally. They would get in trouble and John Lennon’s lyrics were banned. This particular wall was where people would illegally come and write things. On the day John Lennon died, the wall was dedicated to him. Many people share the wall with what it should be about: Peace, love, and unity. However, some people choose to ruin the beauty with mean messages, their names, and other graffiti that has nothing to do with John Lennon’s message. It’s sad. I came to this wall every day I was in Prague. It changed daily. I wish I had spray paint to contribute. I did take out my pen and write one of my favorite quotes- “All you need is love…Love is all you need,” in the middle of the yellow heart that was painted. I wish we had one of these in San Diego. It just helps make us remember The Beatles profound messages, John Lennon, and all they stood for, and where out world could one day be, if we all imagined…


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  1. Erika

    Came across this because I occasionally look for new pics of the wall- I painted to white “Let it be” last summer! (and more things that are already covered up- it’s cool to see people added writing in the white letters instead of covering it right away!) I agree with what you wrote about it- so breathtaking. painting on it was my favorite day in Prague πŸ™‚

    awesome blog!

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