Your Life is Your OOOOmmazzzing Masterpiece...Enjoy the Journey & Wander Often!

Hello Costa Rica~ Pura Vida!

PURA VIDA= Pure Life.

Aka~ “Plenty of Life,” “Full of Life,” “This is Living,” “Real Living,” ….

Well I arrived at Pura Vida, the Costa Rican resort located in the high altitude, about 45 mins from San Jose City. It is amazing. From stepping out of the cab, walking through the gates, I immediately felt at peace and maintained the widest smile I have seriously felt in a long time. (Probably since my 23rd birthday weekend). Only pictures can attempt to show what a beautiful & heavenly place I am at.

I will attempt a Disney analogy:

As I walk around the Pura Vida grounds I feel like Alice in Wonderland who has fallen down the rabbit hole, into a whole new universe, in search for something more (a white rabbit). The gardens are magnificent with multiple shades of green popping up everywhere, bright colored flowers and exotic plants ascend next to the concrete path that guides me. The daily tea parties I have & extraordinary delicious, healthy, food is that only dreampt of in fairy tales. The air is so fresh and clean, my sinus drain out as the mountainous air releases all congestion. Deep breath. I feel so alive. Like Wendy, escaping to Never Never Land, or Ariel, wanting knowing there is a world above waiting for her to explore, I have found my peaceful place. Like them, it is here I will have my escape, relax, and finally without thinking about others or the rest of the world outside, just be. The feeling is indescribable. As I overlook the amazing landscape of the city far below us I feel as if I could be floating on Aladdins magic carpet. The clouds are literally parallel with me and I can even over see some of them. Dense fog rolls in throughout the day as if I’m soaring through a cloud, on fire, and exploring. However, I’m truly exploring my own being. A whole new world, that’s where I am, a thrilling change, a wondrous place, is what I’m discovering. The others here do not treat me like an ignorant savage; they accept me without even knowing me. They see I paint with many colors of the winds, & dont care what may lie in past or back home. The rows of coffee vines outside our resort, all the animals I have seen, the rainforest (& cloud forest) I’ve hiked through reminds me of Pocahontas. I finally see the beauty she tried so hard to preserve and did not want destroyed. I see how America is different, and how out culture behaves in contrast. The daily yoga I’ve been doing brings me to a new realm of insight & liberation, as I said earlier, like I’m floating on a cloud. The weather is stormy and very rainy, with loud thunder roars & sudden wet downpours. It’s just nature. Like Snow White discovering her role in helping the 7 dwarfs & finally finding her happy ending & prince, my path to new discovery has begun. Snow White, Alice, Ariel, Jasmin, Aladdin, Pocahontas all had to leave behind their past and accept their future as it unfolded, keeping their morals held constant, yet magically awakening to find their destiny & happy ending. I am as well; I hope.


I have had more self reflection, relaxation, learning, reading, mediation, & experienced true bliss in the last 5 days of being here. It is truly amazing. I only wish I could share more about the incredible knowledge I’ve picked up. Maybe I’m just too deep. If there is anything I can recommend or suggest, everyone should have the opportunity to just be. However that may be. For some it may be a weekend get away, a weekend without email, shutting off your cellular, a trip to your shrink, a swim in the sea, sleeping in, or like me, a last minute vacation getaway to a land I’ve only been dreaming about. It’s liberating just being alone, in my independence, and having nothing to focus on or worry about & no one to please. I’m here with no jeans, heels, make up (with the mandatory lip gloss & mascara exception), nothing designer, nothing fancy, & really not much. There is something so free to me while spending a week lounging in yoga pants, wearing sports bras & bathing suit tops, shorts, sandals, running shoes, and not worrying about what I look like, how my hair my be, or what others are thinking of me. No one to impress but my self & my mind. With a new blog started, four books read so far, daily yoga, nature, & many photos being captured, I’m here doing what I love. I’ve emerged a new person with high hopes, enlightenment, new experiences & more…..I highly recommend trying it. Step away from your outside world & for once, live in the moment & focus on YOU & Just Be.