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PRAGUE. What a beautiful city, and I know everyone says that. It is the perfect city to go explore for a long weekend (at least 3 full days). The city is full of life at every corner, typical European alleys, grand churches, and other tourist affairs. I loved getting lost in the city and just turning random corners and exploring the city with no idea where I was or where I would end up. I must have walked through the streets multiple times, however it was very hard for me to get my bearings and remember what connected where. Needless to say, I was lost in Prague a lot. It made my day more eventful as I’d turn a corner and all of a sudden stumble upon a building, church, or other fascinating thing that I had not seen.

What Prague has that other cities lack though, is:

– The grand Prague castle that over looks the city at top a hill.

– The ancient astronomical clock in the main city square of Old Town that still works and chimes and moves on the hour. Many people watch the clock and stand around it from quarter to the hour until it goes off. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of it at night as well. Night Prague is entirely different than seeing the city in the sunlight.

– The John Lennon Wall. (enough said, see post about it)

– Good Beer: Pilsner.

I have always wanted to go to Prague. I’ve heard only glamorous things about it, and of course the John Lennon wall drew me in. I knew I had to see it. I was in Prague from Thursday- Monday morning…basically three full days of exploring. I chose to stay in the city and did not take any bus tours on the outskirts to see more castles, etc. I had an awesome weekend by myself though. Though, it would be a lovely place to travel with another person, as most people around are tourist, unless you happen to find a local oriented pub. I’m not going to exaggerate about everything I did in the city…a lot of walking, wandering, people watching, and more.

My Weekend in Prague (in brief):

– First stop: Hotel to drop off luggage. I found a great hotel/hostel called Hotel Eurvopa, that is located right on the main street. It is also a historic hotel and is decorated the same as it was when it was built. The upper floors are hotel rooms (but cheaper than average) and the lower floor is more like a hostel (where I stayed), however it was still very clean and nice. I would recommend this place for a budget traveler.

– I got to the hotel at about 5pm then immediately grabbed a city map and jetted to find the infamous John Lennon Wall. After a few wrong turns, I eventually found it and just gazed in awe. I took photos and just looked at it for about an hour I think, until sunset came. Incredible. I had been playing John Lennon Songs (imagine, let it be) & remix variations the whole time on the plane and was sooooo looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes.

– I climbed one of the highest towers in the Old Town (I dont remember the name-fail). I climbed it right in time for sunset and had an awesome view from above, and got to hear the trumpet on the hour! Many steps, but completely worth it.

– Friday I got up early and went on a run to explore the other side of town, over the bridge, “New Town”. I saw some cathedrals, neat buildings, a graveyard, and a nice park where many locals were up early walking their dogs.

– Next I headed over to- ILikeeBike, a local bike company that the concierge at my hotel just started. This was an incredible steal! I rented an electirc bike with my own private guide, for half a day for about $40 US. SO SO Sooooooo worth it! The bike was fun and easy to ride around. I zoomed up hills, went fast, climbed to the highest part of Prague, and did not even break a sweat. The tour guide took me to virtually all tourist destinations, with the exception of Old Town Square, which is pretty easy to walk around yourself (where astronomical clock is).

This was a highlight of my weekend. I was left asking, “well what do I do for the rest of the weekend? I’ve seen it all”.

– I spent a lot of time wandering the streets, walking along the river, and getting lost in the tall buildings, cobbled stone alleys, and in Prague.

– Ate dinner on the water, at sunset, with a local Pilsner Beer

– Saturday I went to a local fair in the park that was celebrating summer’s end, beginning of Fall. Many cultural bands were brought in from outside of Prague to play, wear their costumers, and sing. There were many families there, kids running around, and people just enjoying the beautiful sunny day. They had food, vodka, and wine booths too. Obviously, I chose to try some of the Czech Wine and event met a local guy who spoke very good English and educated me about the grapes. Ha.

– Relaxed with some cofffe while watching the astronomical clock go off at the hour, amongst many other times during the weekend.

– Took a walking tour about communism, which was actually quite interesting. They showed us a bomb bunker (which was never used) and had coats and gas masks to show us.

– Hung out at the John Lennon Wall every day.

– Took many many photos….and so much more…

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  1. Megan

    what a GORGEOUS city, esp that last photo by the water! looking at all your pictures makes me want to travel! it makes me think of its a small world. you’re really lucky you got to take such an amazing trip! if I EVER make it these parts of the world I will def ask you for advice on where to go!

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