Your Life is Your OOOOmmazzzing Masterpiece...Enjoy the Journey & Wander Often!

I love to travel, write, photograph, and use my creativity and passionate nature in all I do!

I studied Business Marketing at Cal Poly SLO and minored in graphic communications and photography. My curious nature keeps me a student of life, always learning and growing. I worked in digital online marketing at an ad agency. I’ve studied writing, yoga philosophy, astrology, ayurveda, and continue to use my creativity in all I do.

When I’m not wandering, you can find me near San Diego, swimming in an Ocean, water-skiing, singing, or creating new ways to elevate the world and make life a whole lot better.



I fell in love with traveling on my first trip abroad to the Athens 2004 Olympics. Since then I have been inspired to wander the world with my camera every chance I get. I studied abroad in Australia, hand spent time on the Gold Coast and hanging at the Aussie Beaches. In college I worked for a nonprofit organization as  photographer and got to wander to Peru and Panama, and documented our teams trip. Life took a hit a few years after college when I lost my ‘dream’ ad agency job, and endured many life altering moments. I traveled through Italy on my own for a few weeks. I got lucky and snagged a dream cruise on the Baltic Sea with my Dad in 2011. That experience changed my life, and opened me up to traveling in new ways, and experiencing new cultures and non tourist scenes.

Back in San Diego I fell into the Yoga scene and was coaching teacher trainings, bootcamps, and leading wellness programs in Cali. Yoga changed my life, and helped me heal my health issues. It also opened up my creativity and I got inspired to study writing. I’ve been writing stories, and currently am working on some self help book ideas. I’m published on Elephant Journal online, Yoga Digest, and LA Yoga Magazine. I sho

ot photos and do marketing as well. I love helping people create beauty in themselves and all they do. With my artistic eye, and innate ability to see talent, I help people with branding and online marketing, and love coaching others in helping them live a happy life, with passion.

The Hawaiian Islands (The Big Island and Kauai) changed my life, and I escape there whenever I need a reset. I love nature, and believe i

n sustainability. In yoga, and life, I aim to keep the aloha vibes alive and continue to make this world a kinder, more loving, and green planet.

I love all forms of art, and enjoying live music, singing, movies, and more.

Enjoy my travel blogs, ideas, words, and photos. Please do leave comments and chime in on what you like! I believe we all can learn a lot when we dare to see the world in a new lens, and explore new cultures and territories.

My life is my journey, and I believe in making every day count and living wonderfully, with magic, mindfulness, meditation, and many happy moments.

Learn more about me, and yoga, on my website.

“If You can Dream It, You Can Do It” [Walt Disney]