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Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea

Swedish Archipelago – Utö Island

Today we had the opportunity to visit the island of Utö, an island in the Swedish Archipelago, which consists of thousands of islands, some large and some small, and all very much loved by the locals. Many small houses are to be seen among the…
Baltic Sea

Visby, Gotland, Sweden

This morning we were greeted by sunny, cool weather, which made for a pleasant day of wandering, first on our historical-cultural, natural history and photography walking tours of Visby; later on the nature walk on the island Stora Karlsö. The city of roses and ruins…
Baltic Sea

Riga, Latvia

Today we spent a lovely time in Riga, the capitol city of Latvia. We strolled through the old part of the city where buildings were built in the Art Nouveau style has been beautifully preserved. It is quite remarkable that so many ornate buildings survived…
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