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San Sebastian

Ah! I arrived to San Sebastian, the infamous beach town of Spain, after a 5 hour train ride from Barcelona. I was surprised that the 5+ train ride from Barcelona went by very very fast! I got up before sunrise, saw Barcelona with bare streets, and made it to the Metro to the train station easily. The train had no outlets on board, a bit of a bummer foimg_5290r me, who planned to be on the computer writing the whole way. I enjoyed reading, relaxing, listening to music, and watching the sun rise.

Unfortunately, upon my arrival the San Sebastian skies were grey, and the sky looked like it was ready to dump a lot of water. People were wearing jackets and dressed as if it may snow. Okay, no really, but kinda. They were bundled up! I made it to my hotel and quickly changed and got my bathing suit on. I wasn’t thinking, just eager to get to the beach, and left my hotel with a dress, suit on, and towel. Needless to say it was quite funny watching all the stares from the locals who were layered in clothes. On the bus a man looked me up and down multiple times as if I was crazy. Well I was. This Cali girl had sanda
ls, shoulders bare, hair up, ready to jump into the sea (even though it was cold out). Ha.


I made it to the sea! Ecstatic, a bit cold, and excited, I walked the beach. La Concha has a locker room where you can rent a locker for 1,50 Euro and have warm showers and a place to change. I wish I knew that, as I would have brought a change of clothes. Luckily, the guy working was really nice and lent me his googles. Despite the shitty weather, I had a wonderful dip in the sea!

The Sea was a decent temperature. It really was the air that made it cold. It had interesting purple sea weed like balls floating everywhere though. I tried to pick one up and it crumpled in my hand. It was like the red sea effect in San Diego. I could not complain though, the water felt great and the sand was perfectly golden! I enjoyed some yoga and meditation on the empty beach too.


After my quick time in the water, I toweled off and was ready to track back to the hotel to get warm and shower. First though, I could not resist a local gelato, despite that I was cold, sleeveless, with wet hair, and in a wet bathing suit. To be honest, I really just wanted this picture!




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