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Copenhangen, Denmark

Wow. What a city. I don’t even know what to say. Frist impressions= clean, quiet, cute, and very put together. Within minutes of seeing the town and being here I have already fallen in love. The streets are made of cobblestone, a much different approach to the slick even sidewalks of California. The buildings all look different, or are at least colored differently. Its great. Most importantly, Copenhagen is a city build on the water. It’s their best and main attraction, and obviously it appeals to me greatly. It is a small town with basic amenities and no real tourist traps besides the canal cruise (which is worth going on) and maybe a few typical restaurants that are not worth the dollar. I could see myself living in Denmark. The people are so kind and polite, life seems easy, and the daily routine consist of a bicycle ride to wherever you need to go. Not to mention, the fine coffee flavor they have and beautiful scenery.

I spent the first few days walking and biking around to get a real feel for the city. I walked amongst cobbled stones, small alleys, and along canals looking at the historic buildings, parks, and just people watching. I highly recommend renting a bike and getting out of the main city area as well.

Highlights from Copenhagen—

  1. The Little Mermaid.

Hans Christian Anderson is one of my personal hero’s. Not only did he develop the literary piece that would serve as my favorite dismay movie and favorite Disney character of all time, but he also helped establish Denmark’s prestige history. I was fortunate enough to grow up learning about Hans Christian, someone many people have not heard of, especially in childhood. On my last trip, I was lucky enough to stop by his house and explore the museum with his name. He is a remarkable character that I will always honor. Not rich, not good looking, but determined and motivated and extremely passionate. He symbolizes life as it should be led and shows not everything is materialistic, as it seems.

2. Christanhaven.

I was able to find this town via bicycle, hidden before a bridge and somewhere in the mist of Copenhagen. A large tree and walk way left the way into Christian haven, where, after crossing a reddish tile walkway we were led into hippie town. Oh no way, correction, weeds ville. This place was insane. Never have I ever seen anything like it. If weed were to wine, I’d be in heaven. Unfortunately, as a non-smoker, I really was indifferent as to what I saw, more interesting than anything else. I walked down about a block and soon came upon the “rules”. Mainly being, no photos. All over there were large round signs painted with cameras with a deep red x, not allowed

3. Endless Coffee Shops & Ice Cream.

As most people know, I have the biggest sweet tooth when it comes to ice cream related edibles. Copenhangen had many ice cream/ gelato shops all over the city. Yummmmm. I found some of the best organic ice cream I’ve ever tasted at Hansen’s Ice Cream. Most shops also opened before noon! The Cafe’s around the city were also very nice. I was happy to see no sign of Starbucks and try some new tea and coffee creations. Many have nice outdoor tables you can sit and enjoy the sun and people watch.

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